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TWC Publishing

What We Do:

TWC Publishing provides publishing, printing, marketing and other services to authors, poets, artists, and other writers who want to formally publish their works. We tailor our services to individual needs and custom produce each product to ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to catch your vision and make it come to life on paper.

What Can We Offer You:

Custom Pricing.
• All books are not the same and will be treated individually and with care. This means that our prices are specific to each work. To begin the publication process, TWC Publishing requires a manuscript evaluation to be performed. This important initial step will assess just how print ready the work is. Once complete, the evaluation will estimate how much editing will be necessary and whether any revision should take place. At this point we will also be able to give an estimation of publishing costs.

Expert Editing.
• Manuscripts must be submitted in a Word document and must follow our style guide. All manuscripts will be edited by a professional editor and will consist of mechanical, grammatical and lyrical editing that stay true to the original voice of the author.
• Style Guide: All manuscripts must be submitted according to the following guidelines:
• Format: Word Document
• Page Size: 8.5’ x 11’
• Margins: 1” on all sides
• Spacing: Double Spaced
• Font: Arial or Times New Roman
• Font Size: 12
• Use formatting options sparingly. Bold, underlined, or italic text is fine, but please limit use of bullets, tabs, paragraph spacing, etc.

Professional Publishing.
• Once the work is edited and print ready, TWC Publishing takes care of every publishing need.
• Acquisition of appropriate publishing numbers (EAN Bookland Barcode, International Serial Book Number, etc.)
• Cover Design from Basic Grayscale to Full Color Custom Design
• Interior Design and Layout
• Final Proofreading
• Overall Management of Project

Limited Marketing.
• Because we are proud of the books we publish, TWC Publishing will assist the authors in a limited marketing program. This is in addition to the publishing services and does not preempt the author’s hold on the rights to their work. We have a number of ways to market the work: through local bookstores, online stores, UNITY magazine, GodSpeed, etc. All options will be discussed and agreed upon before promotion efforts begin.

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